Alaska Bear Camp 2-5 Day Adventures


Jun 01 to Aug 31



Start & End Cities

Start: Soldotna

End: Anchorage

Land Package Type

Wilderness Lodge Vacations

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This bear viewing adventure is all-inclusive and located on private land that neighbors Lake Clark National Park. The camp can hold just 14 people—so compared to bear-viewing trips that can accommodate hundreds of people at a time, this feels like a VIP, front-row experience. Spend 2-5 days in hi-tech "tent cabins" with heat, light and bathrooms, along with gourmet meals, knowledgeable local guides, and spectacular scenery. With over 70 resident bears in 2018, this is some of the most consistent bear viewing in Alaska.

Bear cub rides on sow

Watch bears in their natural habitat over multiple days from Alaska Bear Camp

Tour Itinerary

Day 1 - Check-in at Main lodge / Fly to BearCamp, View Bears & Overnight

For no transfers version, please call the lodge the day before your trip to find check in time. We'll confirm the flight schedule for the day and give you a check in time (typically between 8:00 and 12:30 depeding upon tides and other factors). Please be in Soldotna the night before your trip begins, unless you are using our Anchorage van transfer, in which case we'lll pick you up at 7:30-8:00 a.m. Orientation is followed by a flight to BearCamp©, our incredible bear viewing camp in Lake Clark National Park. Following your arrival at BearCamp and a new orientation, you’ll spend the afternoon viewing the amazing coastal Alaskan Brown Bear. Overnight in high-tech Weather-Port tent cabins with heater, porta-potty, writing desk, and twin beds. Camp features an electrified fence perimeter.

Day 2 - All Day With the Middle Day(s) Bears of Chinitna & Overnight

(Note: this day applies to any middle days on 3, 4 or 5 day trips). Today is that pearl of a day…in a wilderness Shangri-la with nowhere to go! Wake up to hot coffee and a wash basin of steaming water. After a hearty breakfast, you guides will discuss the best viewing options, then it’s off to one or both of our special viewing locations. Watching bears clamming, fighting, feeding or playing are all on the agenda- each time period and season brings it's own unique combination, and every single trip is different. (The Bears begin fishing in the late July/August time frame). A wonderful Lunch and dinner will be served back at the main camp in the dining tent, with evening beach fires (weather permitting) then overnight with the staff of BearCamp.

Day 3 - Morning with the Bears / return to main lodge (this describes your final day, whether a 2, 3, 4 or 5 day trip)

A final day with the bears…you and your guides will perhaps choose another viewing location, walk the beach, and spend the morning in true wilderness beauty with the royalty of Alaskan wildlife.After some morning viewing, it’s back to the planes for the trip to our riverside main lodge. No transfers version guests will depart on own after afting at main lodge. If you chose r/t transfers from Anchorage, see below:

PLEASE NOTE: FOR R/T TRANSFERS FROM ANCHORAGE, THERE WILL BE A LAYOVER AT THE LODGE BEFORE YOUR DEPARTURE BY VAN BACK TO ANCHORAGE. If that does not work for your schedule, choose the "no transfers required" version. The "No Transfers" version is complete when you land and are transferred to the lodge and check out- dinner on your own.

Getting There

Latitude: 60.536187
Longitude: -150.758069

Contact us the night before your trip (call us at 866 411 2327) to comfirm the flight schedule. We request you overnight in Soldonta the night before our trip. You can check in at the main lodge the day prior to get your flight time and sign some documents, or you can do it the following day.

After check in, we'll transfer you to the air strip for the amazing flight to BearCamp. Your approximately 50 minute flight will take you over Cook Inlet, past volcanoes and glaciers and finally landing at BearCamp. When your trip is over (whether that be 2, 3, 4 or 5 days) your return flight will take you back to the landing strip, and we'll then shuttle you back to the main lodge to pick up your car and continue on. Return flight from BearCamp typically arrives between Noon - 4:30 depending on weather and tides and other factors. Please be prepared.

Prices & Dates

Season Jun 1 to Aug 31
Duration 2 - 5 days
Rates $2195+
Rate Notes Children 15 and under are 50% off. Restrictions apply, one discounted child per one adult rate.
Gratuities, R/T transfers to Lodge from Anchorage are not included
Trip ends upon your return to the main lodge (or Anchorage, as the case may be. If you choose transfers from Anchorage (available for an additional 150.00 per person) there will be a layover at the lodge before departing for Anchorage around 6:30 pm. Your driver will stop along the way so you can get some snacks for the road. Dinner on your own in Anchorage.
Note: Prices subject to change without notice. Call us (907-277-4321) to confirm current rates.

Alaska Bear Camp 2-5 Day Adventures

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