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Alaska Railroad Schedule

Coastal Classic

Learn more about the Coastal Classic train.

Departure LocationDeparture TimeArrival Time
Anchorage to Girdwood6:45 am7:55 am
Girdwood to Seward8:00 am11:05 am
Departure LocationDeparture TimeArrival Time
Seward to Girdwood6:00 pm8:50 pm
Girdwood to Anchorage8:55 pm10:15 pm

Glacier Discovery

Learn more about the Glacier Discovery Train.

Departure LocationDeparture TimeArrival Time
Anchorage to Girdwood9:45 am10:55 am
Girdwood to Portage11:00 am11:30 am
Portage (1) to Whittier11:35 am12:05 pm
Whittier to Portage12:45 pm1:15 pm
Portage (2) to Spencer1:25 pm1:45 pm
Spencer WS to Grandview1:55 pm3:20 pm
Departure Location Departure Time Arrival Time
Grandview to Spencer WS 3:30 pm 4:30 pm
Spencer WS to Portage 4:40 pm 5:15 pm
Portage to Whittier 5:30 pm 6:05 pm
Whittier to Portage 6:45 pm 7:05 pm
Portage to Girdwood 7:20 pm 7:35 pm
Girdwood to Anchorage 7:40 pm 9:15 pm

Denali Star

2021 Railroad Schedule Update

Denali Star: North and southbound trains will run on opposite days instead of daily service. Travel on whatever day you choose between Anchorage and Denali by riding the train one way, and motorcoach the other.

Try this tool from one of our trusted partners to quickly compare all train and bus options.

See Booking Options

Learn more about the Denali Star.

Departure Location Departure Time Arrival Time
Anchorage to Wasilla 8:15 am 9:30 am
Wasilla to Talkeetna 9:35 am 11:05 am
Talkeetna to Denali 11:20 am 3:40 pm
Denali to Fairbanks 4:00 pm 8:00 pm
Departure Location Departure Time Arrival Time
Fairbanks to Denali 8:15 am 12:10 pm
Denali to Talkeetna 12:30 pm 4:40 pm
Talkeetna to Wasilla 4:55 pm 6:10 pm
Wasilla to Anchorage 6:15 pm 8:00 pm

Hurricane Turn

Learn more about the Hurricane Turn.

Departure LocationDeparture Time
Talkeetna (mi. 226.7)12:15 pm
Chase (236.2)12:27 pm
Curry (248.5)12:50 pm
Sherman (257.7)1:05 pm
Gold Creek (263.2)1:20 pm
Twin Bridges (270)1:43 pm
Chulina (273.8)1:50 pm
Hurricane (281.4)2:15 pm
Departure Location Departure Time
Hurricane (mi. 281.4) 3:30 pm
Chulina (273.8) 3:50 pm
Twin Bridge (270) 4:20 pm
Gold Creek (263.2) 4:35 pm
Sherman (257.7) 4:45 pm
Curry (248.5) 5:20 pm
Chase (236.2) 5:45 pm
Talkeetna (226.7) 6:00 pm

Denali Rail Tours & Princess Rail Tours

Learn more about Denali Rail Tours and Princess Rail Tours.

Northbound Time
Depart Anchorage 9:15 AM
Arrive Talkeetna 12:15 PM
Arrive Denali park 4:40 PM
Southbound Time
Depart Denali Park 9:15 AM
Arrive Talkeetna 1:40 PM
Arrive Anchorage 5:00 PM


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