The Best Things to Do in Alaska

Make the most of your time in Alaska with these day tours and excursions

Photo Credit: Bob Kaufman

All Day Tours & Activities

What are the best things to do in Alaska? Rather than focusing on specific destinations, Alaska is all about experiences like fishing, hiking, seeing a glacier, whale watching, observing bears in their natural habitat, and visiting national parks. The great news for visitors is that these experiences are available in multiple locations across the state. For instance, you can go whale watching on an Inside Passage cruise or by visiting Kenai Fjords National Park, just two hours south of Anchorage. With eight national parks, Alaska offers numerous options. If you're cruising, you might pass through Glacier Bay National Park. If you're flying into Anchorage, you can drive to Denali, Wrangell-St. Elias, or Kenai Fjords. Other national parks are accessible by plane. Whether you seek popular destinations or off-the-beaten-path adventures, our guide will show you the best things to do throughout Alaska.

Multi-Day Adventures