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Alaska Jetboat & Riverboat Tours

Rivers are the historic way of traveling in the country, so take the time to explore the heart of Alaska through these watery passageways. Watch for eagles in the trees and wildlife along the shores while the powerful waters help carry you to your destination. Water travel is certainly an experience for all of the senses, and an experience that should not be missed. Best of all it is an affordable way to get deep into the wilderness without having to hike or take a plane. In addition, most boats are covered, so even if the weather does not cooperate, you stay happy and dry.

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Jetboat & Riverboat Tours

Season: May 15 to Sep 20 $75+ 2 to 5 hrs

Get hands-on and up close as you learn about local ani­mals, trap­pers, and the Dena’ina Indi­ans, with the wilder­ness as your class­room. Mahay’s Jet Boat Adven­tures makes it pos­si­ble with their jet boat adven­tures on the Susit­na, Tal­keet­na and Chulit­na Rivers. For some vis­i­tors, this explo­ration will be their deep­est immer­sion into the Alaskan wilder­ness — some­thing you just can’t get from a flight­see­ing tour, a cruise, or a car.