Alaska 3 Day Trip Ideas

You may think we’re nuts to suggest a 3-day Alaska vacation, but it’s possible to do! Many cities across the U.S. offer direct flights now, making Alaska a lot easier to reach than you might think. And if 3 days is all you have to visit this amazing state, go for it! Thanks to the long hours of daylight in summer, you can pack in a lot of activities. And if you’re taking a cruise, these 3-day trips make for great pre- or post-cruise tours. They’re also terrific add-ons to business trips! (If you can swing in just one more day, check out what you can do on a 4-day trip.

*Note: These sample itineraries offer inspiration as well as logistical information, so you can choose what you like and book your own Alaska vacation. You’ll find links to activities and lodges we recommend, as well as other highlights. To book a package, check out this section. Or fill out our contact form to receive a customized itinerary from a local itinerary specialist.