Photo Credit: Monika Jones-Lyons

Alaska Cruises

Alaska Cruises have become so popular that, today, you face a dizzying array of choices.

Here are the three most important decisions you’ll make:

  1. What size ship?: Conventional cruise or small exploration-style ship?
  2. What route?: Our advice article compares Inside Passage (roundtrip from Seattle) and Cross-Gulf of Alaska (one way from Vancouver) itineraries. Or other interesting itineraries entirely within Alaska (such as small ship cruises within the Inside Passage or Prince William Sound)?
  3. What cruiseline? Big ships like Princess or Royal Celebrity? Or small ships like UnCruise and Discovery Voyages.

And here are three mistakes not to make:

  1. Make sure you’re aware of the small ship option—most people aren’t
  2. Know what you’re missing if you take an Inside Passage-only itinerary
  3. Don’t fall for pricing gimmicks, because most agents sell the cruise for the same price

We can introduce you to a good agent who can steer you to the right cruiseline, ship, route, stateroom—even the best location on the ship—for your interests and budget.