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In 1986, while living in Boston and working for a strait-laced consulting firm, Bob dreamed up an audacious plan to celebrate his 25th birthday: go to Alaska (a place he’d never been) and climb Mt. McKinley. Most of his friends thought he was nuts, since he had no ice climbing or winter camping experience. But after 35 days on the mountain—14 of them alone—he reached the summit, all because one Alaska insider, a veteran mountaineering guide named Rob, took Bob aside and shared his secrets on how to it.

What’s this got to do with your Alaska vacation? Everything, actually. Getting insider advice from a trusted source is a good idea no matter where you go, but in a place as big and poorly understood as Alaska, it’s essential. Whether you want to hit Alaska’s highlights in your own way or venture a little more off the beaten path, is Bob’s way of doing for you what Rob did for him.

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And Bob isn’t the only one on with valuable advice. We’ve solicited the knowledge of Alaska's top park rangers, wildlife biologists, bush pilots, naturalists, and photographers to help you plan your dream vacation. Alaska is a once-in-a-lifetime trip for many travelers, so you’ll want to do it right. We promise to give you the straight scoop on what’s best, with lots of great photographs and videos to inspire you along the way. And we can even connect you with a local itinerary specialist to help you customize your Alaska vacation. is coordinated by Alaska Channel, a highly respected company that's helped hundreds of thousands of visitors plan successful Alaska vacations since 1993. Our commitment to you and to Alaska is personal. Our principals originated one of the largest private conservation gifts in the history of the state, which protected thousands of acres of Alaska's finest wild lands for you and future generations.

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I have memories of a lifetime now. I cannot praise your website enough

Your very informative website helped me every step of the way. When planning the holiday i actually felt completely out of my depth- there really aren't a lot of "generic" websites that help you plan your hotels and activities in Alaska- most of them are tied to a tour company and limited to one activity. With, I got to research the types, locations and prices of every single hotel and activity in every place I was interested in visiting, as well as reviews and tips/tricks on how to holiday in Alaska. To say the website is a God-send is a vast understatement, I literally booked every single hotel room, activity and excursion through the website, I didn't have to go anywhere else which saved me loads of time when it came to planning and payment etc.

—Michael Dunphy

The trip was awesome, thanks to the tips we got from you and your website!

We were confused by the various glacier options and Denali National Park. Your website as well as quick yet detailed responses from you made us plan our trip well. We took your advise and booked the Tundra Wilderness Tour in Denali. We also visited a gold mine a bit east of Anchorage. It was a very memorable trip!

—Srinivasan Krishnan

I have never seen a more complete travel app

I just downloaded this app for my trip to Alaska next summer. It has everything! Weather forecasts, tours, places to stay, lodging. I have never seen a more complete travel app. Really looking forward to all the adventures ahead and with this new app it makes everything possible!


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