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Anchorage Car 2 Motorcoach 2 hrs 15 mins

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Cooper landing alaska lake

Some would say Cooper Landing is the heart of the Kenai Peninsula, both literally and figuratively: Located in the middle of the peninsula, the small town also sits at the intersection of the Kenai and Russian Rivers, which makes it an especially fertile fishing spot. World class Rainbow fishing is readily available and the salmon that make it all the way to Kenai Lake are still full of fight.

Also, especially given its small size, it packs in a lot of the great recreation options that the Peninsula is known for rafting and hiking. (A great trail: visit the Russian River falls, where you can see salmon leaping out of the water.)

Originally settled by prospector Joseph Cooper, Cooper Landing is home to some great wilderness lodges and B&Bs. Its nickname is the Emerald, because of its waters, tinged a unique blue-green thanks to suspended ultra-fine glacial silt.

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By Car: Cooper Landing is on the road system. It's about 2 hours from Anchorage, and 2 hours from Homer along the Sterling Highway. Here's our road guide.

By Bus: Alaska Bus Company offers transportation to Cooper Landing during the summer between Anchorage, Girdwood, Soldotna, and Homer.

Private Transfer: AK Tripping offers private transportation with an experienced local driver to and from Cooper Landing for groups of up to 4 in a comfortable Toyota Highlander.

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