Alaska 10 Day Trip Ideas

From our perspective as Alaskans, a trip of at least 10 days is what we would recommend for every first-time visitor to this great state. Why? Well, if you’re doing just a land tour, 10 days gives you enough time to see the best of Southcentral and Interior Alaska. You can drive the whole Kenai Peninsula, stopping in unique, quaint towns like Seward and Homer; then you can head north into Interior Alaska, visiting charming Talkeetna and Denali National Park.

If you’re going to be sailing on an Alaskan cruise, 10 days lets you combine it with a 3-day land tour, so you can experience Alaska from both land and sea. And if you’re driving to Alaska through Canada, 10 days is the least amount of time you’d want to spend; you’ll be able to drive a big loop to see the state.

*Note: These sample itineraries offer inspiration as well as logistical information, so you can choose what you like and book your own Alaska vacation. You’ll find links to activities and lodges we recommend, as well as other highlights. To book a package, check out this section. Or fill out our contact form to receive a customized itinerary from a local itinerary specialist.