Photo Credit: Ultima Thule Lodge, Wrangell St. Elias National Park

Alaska Wilderness Lodge Trip Ideas

If you want to get away from the crowds, have small (sometimes private) guide to group ratios, have a desire to see Alaska’s backcountry while maintaining luxurious accommodations, and can budget between $1100 - $2500 / night, consider a wilderness lodge vacation.

If the nightly rate seems high, there’s a reason. These lodges offer some of the most luxurious accommodations in Alaska, complete with gourmet cuisine and expert guides. And they’re remote, accessible only by plane or boat. Rates also include your roundtrip transportation, all meals, and activities.

Most have a 2-3 night minimum stay, while others encourage packages of 4-5 nights. And while one wilderness lodge would be an incredible vacation, combining two lodges for your Alaska vacation allows you to experience two very different parts of the state. You’ll experience different scenery (coastal vs. mountain), wildlife (marine vs. mainland wildlife like bear, moose, and caribou), and flora.

If you’re worried about missing out by not visiting some of Alaska’s popular cities, don’t be. Alaska is about experiences – seeing glaciers, wildlife, tall mountains, beautiful coastal scenery and more. And those experiences can be had all over the state.

We’ve created these recommended itineraries by talking to the lodge owners and hearing their feedback of which two lodges would make an ideal Alaska vacation when combined into one itinerary.

To book, call each lodge individually, let them know that you hope to combine two lodge stays, and they will help you plan your itinerary.