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Alaska Activity Guide

View the online version of two of the most coveted Alaska travel guides. These free travel guides are distributed by leading hotels and car rental agencies in Alaska.

Alaska Activity Guide

Click on image above to access Alaska Activity Guide


“It’s like a one-stop visitor guide for Southcentral Alaska. It’s not just pretty pictures and ads. It’s got history, famous Alaskan’s stories, and excellent Alaska maps.”
—Reservations Manager, Alaska Marine Highway System

“Visitors can’t believe it’s free. They’re picking up handfuls to bring to friends back home.”
—General Manager, Downtown Anchorage Marriott

“The quality of writing is absolutely stunning. The passion for Alaska comes through.”
—Alaska Tour Guide

Alaska Activity Map

Click on image above to access Alaska Activity Map


“It’s been the single best map we’ve had here at the Cook. All my concierge staff uses it to answer people’s questions.”
—Chief Concierge, Hotel Captain Cook

“This oversized, 2-sided map with detailed descriptions and pictures is like an Alaska travel bible.”
—Marketing Director, Phillips Cruises & Tours

“Thank you! We’ve been waiting for this Anchorage map for five years!.”
—Cruiseline Director & Alaska Cruise Guide

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