Photo Credit: Bob Kaufman

Alaska Land Tour Packages

When you think of an Alaska vacation package, do you have nightmares about visiting a small town overrun by cruise ships and tour buses? Or getting stuck in a tourist trap far from the Real Alaska?

Relax. The packages on aren’t like that. And depending on the level of structure you want, the trips we list may actually free you up to enjoy the experience. Another option: work with a local Alaskan agent who will help customize an independent package for you.

Travel Independently

On an independent Alaska land tour, someone has planned your itinerary, but you get from place to place on your own, either by renting a car and driving or by traveling on a motorcoach or train. You can add any day tours you want, including guided tours for activities like fishing or flightseeing.

Guided Tours

On a guided Alaska land tour, a tour guide travels with you from place to place, your bags get lugged around for you, and lodging, transportation, and most meals are included. Your escorted land tour can either be with a large group (up to 50 people), or a with a small adventure group.