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Getting There

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This picturesque town 30 miles outside of Seward got its name, in part, in 1903 when a moose got in the way of a mail carrier’s dog team. Certainly, there have been and still are plenty of moose around here. Located on the shores of Upper Trail Lake, the town is surrounded by the Chugach National Forest and is also home to the start of the Iditarod trail, which was blazed through here in 1910.

Since it seems to be just a dot on the road, though, it would be easy to miss Moose Pass—it’s just a whistle-stop on the Alaska Railroad. But it makes a great home base for visiting Seward or the Russian River fishing area. You can hike trails lined with berry patches to lakes in the Chugach National Forest, browse shops in its downtown, or take a flightseeing trip. In fact, there is a renowned bush pilot school here, which draws pilots from all over who want to perfect their extreme-weather skills.

You can even sharpen your best cutting tool if you have it handy. One of the locals built a giant waterwheel with a sharpening stone attached to it. A sign nearby reads: Moose Pass is a peaceful little town. If you have an axe to grind, do it here.

Highlights of visiting here:

  • Sharpen Your Knives on Ed's Historic Waterwheel
  • Internationally Known Float-Plane Flying School
  • Berry picking

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