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Alaska Jeep / ATV Tours  (:51)

Taking a jeep or all-terrain vehicle (ATV) through the backcountry offers some great perks. Not only can you cover ground quicker than you do hiking (which, in Alaska, often requires a lot of tedious bushwhacking), but it’s a lot of fun—although you’ll likely get a bumpy, and at times raucous ride. Here’s the difference between the two:

  • Jeep Tours: You’re traveling mostly on dirt roads. Most of the time, you’re the passenger, with a skilled guide at the wheel and calling out points of interest. In some tours, though, you take turns behind the wheel of your jeep, following the guide in another jeep, using a two-way radio. And in others you even go it alone, using a GPS system as your guide. Tours that let you drive require a valid drivers’ license and minimum age of 25.
  • ATV Tours: With these trips, you’re definitely off-road: dirt, gravel bars, even going across streams, maybe even right up to a glacier. You’ll likely have the option of driving yourself, after a quick primer on how to operate the four-wheel, all-terrain vehicles. Kids under driving age will always be passengers, though. You’ll often get narration through a headset or a two-way radio. Tours include safety gear and some outerwear, such as helmets and raingear.

Cost: What is the Price Range?

About $100 - $300 for tours ranging from a few hours to 6 hours. Kids and passengers get discounted rates.

What You Need

Though plenty of tours provide rain gear, come dressed to get dirty (and maybe wet), including closed-toe shoes.

Where to Go

The most popular Jeep and ATV tours take place near the following areas:

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Jeep & ATV Tours

Anchorage View All

Explore former mining areas and serious wilderness outside the city. North of Anchorage, Alaska Backcountry Adventures takes you on a backcountry safari up the Knik River Valley towards the glacier. With Riding Alaska ATV Tours, you'll explore the magnificent Eklutna Lakeside Trail. Or, wind through the wooded trails of the Chugach Mountain Range with Alaska ATV Adventures, just south of Anchorage. In the alpine meadows of this wilderness area, there are frequent sightings of bears, mountain goats, and Dall sheep.

Season: Apr 17 to Oct 31 $255+ Half, Full, and Multi-Day

With Alas­ka Back­coun­try Adven­ture Tours, you can expe­ri­ence glac­i­ers inac­ces­si­ble by road. Nev­er fear if you’ve nev­er dri­ven an before; this com­pa­ny teach­es you to maneu­ver your ATV through the Alaskan wilder­ness with your guide at the lead. Your des­ti­na­tion is the mag­nif­i­cent Knik Glac­i­er, where you’ll enjoy lunch and gor­geous scenery.

Season: May 06 to Sep 30 $100+ | Sundays Only 3.5 hrs

Rid­ing Alas­ka ATV Tours show­case the won­ders of the glacial­ly-fed Eklut­na Lake area, a local favorite hid­den away just out­side Anchor­age. Bring the fam­i­ly for a ful­ly-guid­ed ride along the lake and beyond – across grav­el moraines, over rush­ing rivers and through wood­lands, to with­in sight of Eklut­na glac­i­er itself. Sit back and relax while your dri­ver does all the work! Keep a look out: the peace­ful land­scape is alive with wildlife, including  ...more

Season: Year Round $245+ Full day, half day and multi-day

Head out into the Alaskan wilder­ness on this excit­ing ATV adven­ture, dri­ving through woods and splash­ing through rivers on your way to a gor­geous glacial moraine sur­round­ed by tow­er­ing snow-capped peaks. Trans­porta­tion from Anchor­age included.

$135+ 1.5 – 3 hrs

There’s great Alaskan back­coun­try ATV rid­ing just a few miles south of Anchor­age. Engage in the sights, sounds, and smells of the north­ern­most tem­per­ate rain­for­est while expe­ri­enc­ing the thrill of the throt­tle through the wind­ing wood­ed trails of the Chugach Moun­tain Range. In the alpine mead­ows of this wilder­ness area, there are fre­quent sight­ings of both brown and black bears, moun­tain goats, and Dall sheep.

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Glacier View View All

2.5 half hours north of Anchorage on the Glenn Highway, and right next to the mighty Matanuska Glacier. Join Glacier View ATV Tours to discover the area.

Season: May 25 to Aug 31 $99+ per person 3 hrs

The loca­tion of this ATV adven­ture is the mid­point between Anchor­age and Glen­nallen. Plen­ty of trav­el­ers dri­ve through this area with­out paus­ing for more than a pic­ture of the road­side glac­i­er, but Glac­i­er View ATV’s three-hour tour — the only ATV excur­sion in this part of Alas­ka — makes this tour well worth a longer stop. 

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Denali View All

Tour both inside and outside the park across rolling tundra with mountainous backdrops. Denali ATV Adventures and Black Diamond ATV offer ATV tours near Stampede Road, made famous in the film Into the Wild. Or, discover the rugged Denali Highway with Denali Highway Jeep Excursions.

Season: May 15 to Sep 15 $169 4 hrs

This is your chance to expe­ri­ence the spec­tac­u­lar scenery along the Denali High­way, a road recent­ly ranked #2 world­wide as a Dri­ve of a Life­time’ by Nation­al Geo­graph­ic Trav­el­er Mag­a­zine. You’ll be giv­en the oppor­tu­ni­ty to take the wheel, or if you pre­fer, just sit back and enjoy stun­ning views of the peaks and glac­i­ers of the cen­tral Alas­ka Range. There is a guide in the Jeep up front, but you can stop wher­ev­er, when­ev­er, and as often as you  ...more

Season: May 10 to Sep 19 $119.95+ 3.5 hrs

Dri­ve your own 4‑wheel all-ter­rain vehi­cle (ATV) on this excit­ing off-road jour­ney through the back­coun­try adja­cent to Denali Nation­al Park. Black Dia­mond puts you in con­trol: stop when­ev­er you want, take pic­tures of the spec­tac­u­lar scenery, and laugh as you expe­ri­ence Alas­ka as it was meant to be: rough and wild. Explore old coal-min­ing trails and spill out onto the Dry Creek Riv­er Bed, then head high up on Black Dia­mond Peak to take in the  ...more

Season: May 10 to Sep 19 $159.95 4 hrs

The Black Dia­mond ATV Trea­sure Hunt back­coun­try adven­ture, just out­side Denali, offers both a skilled guide and a splash of think-for-your­self adven­ture. Your ride can be fast and excit­ing or slow and leisure­ly — it’s up to you. Unlike some oth­er ATV trips, you don’t have to do the dri­ving; a pro is at the wheel of the Polaris ATV. You’ll explore old coal-min­ing trails and the Dry Creek Riv­er Bed, where Athabas­can Indi­an arti­facts have been found  ...more

Season: May 22 to Sep 08 $115+ 2.5 to 3.5 hrs

This tour is an adven­ture­some alter­na­tive to a bus ride into the park. Denali ATV Adven­tures offers sev­er­al tours that let you explore the areas sur­round­ing Denali Nation­al Park. On your jour­ney, you’ll splash through rivers, dri­ve over tree root-rut­ted trails, and four-wheel up to some of the area’s most spec­tac­u­lar vis­tas. Dri­ve your own ATV, or be the pas­sen­ger and enjoy the ride. 

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Ketchikan View All

Explore over 10 miles of old logging roads through the Tongass National Forest with Adventure Kart Expedition.

$164 per person 4 hrs

Dri­ve your own jeep along pri­vate log­ging roads that wind up into the moun­tains, on your way to an alpine lake. Pad­dle across the shim­mer­ing lake to a shore­line camp for a deli­cious snack over an open fire. Enjoy some sto­ry­telling, then go on a short nature walk through a beau­ti­ful old-growth forest.

Season: May 05 to Oct 10 $220 3.25 hours

This exhil­a­rat­ing tour puts you in a rugged Tom­car for a back coun­try ATV adven­ture over 10 miles of old log­ging roads through the Ton­gass Nation­al For­est. The off-road excite­ment is matched by amaz­ing views as you nav­i­gate twist and turns, motor eas­i­ly up hills, and splash through epic pot­holes. It’s sheer fun for the whole fam­i­ly. Get Dirty!

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