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How Long to Spend

1 night

Whittier- Gateway to Prince William Sound  (2:29)

Nestled between glaciers and lush mountains, Whittier is the gateway to Prince William Sound. This seaside town is home to just a few hundred people, yet sees thousands of visitors every year! The only way to get to Whittier by land is through the one-lane Anton Anderson Memorial Tunnel, the largest combined rail and highway tunnel in North America. There is a schedule for traffic going through the tunnel (see our Whittier Tunnel page), so it’s good to be aware of the schedule before you arrive. But once you get on the other side, you will find a special corner of Alaska that is well worth any wait.

Whittier serves as a base camp for many people looking to explore the grandeur of the Sound and the Chugach National Forest. If you’re only in Whittier for the day, be sure to tour Prince William Sound with a day cruise—you can see glaciers, whales, and other wildlife all in one trip. Or go on a sea kayaking tour with the folks at Lazy Otter Charters for a more custom-made experience (don’t forget to grab a coffee and a snack at the Lazy Otter Café!)

Things to Do in Whittier