Anchorage to Whittier

Transportation at a Glance

Estimated TimeTravel Guide / Schedule
Car1.5 HoursDriving Guide
Bus2 HoursBus Schedules
Train2.5 HoursTrain Schedule

By Car

This is an easy trip by car—at least until you reach Whittier Tunnel. One-way traffic and the occasional train can mean significant waiting times; research in advance when the tunnel will be open. Nevertheless, this is a very scenic drive that calls out for frequent stops. There are car rental agencies in Whittier if you need to drop off your car. View our Whittier Tunnel tips here.

By Bus

Traveling by motorcoach eliminates the headache of having to plan for the Whittier tunnel and any potential delays; buses are timed to sync up with tunnel openings. And while you won’t be able to make stops, leaving the driving to someone else means leaves you free to fully enjoy the gorgeous scenery.

By Train

Like the bus, the train syncs up with the Whittier tunnel openings; at most, you’ll wait a few minutes to pass through. Still, the train is the most expensive option, and it takes the longest to get here because it travels slowly (about 35 miles per hour) along scenic Turnagain Arm. The upside, of course, is plenty of time to take photos of this beautiful scenery and surrounding wildlife, often from domed rail cars.

If You Go One-Way

If you go one-way you have a couple options for the other segment of your Anchorage/Whittier trip. Learn more about How to Get from Anchorage to Your Cruise Port in Whittier (or reverse!).


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