Alaska 9 Day Trip Ideas

9-Day Alaska Trip Ideas

Similar to an 8-day trip, with 9 days, you’ll have no problem hitting the major highlights that are on many people’s bucket lists—from iconic national parks to glaciers, mountains, and wildlife. Plus, you’ll have even more time to travel off the beaten path and get a little deeper into the heart of what makes this state so special.

Or you can take the extra time and explore more of the national treasure that is Denali National Park; by booking a secluded lodge inside the park boundary, you’ll be able to totally unplug.

*Note: These sample itineraries offer inspiration as well as logistical information, so you can choose what you like and book your own Alaska vacation. You’ll find links to activities and lodges we recommend, as well as other highlights. To book a package, check out this section. Or fill out our contact form to receive a customized itinerary from a local itinerary specialist.