Photo Credit: Bear Glacier, Kenai FJords National Park

National Park Trip Ideas

Exploring Alaska’s stunning national parks tops the wish lists of many visitors. Did you know that Alaska has 8 of these preserved treasures? And that only 3 are accessible by road? The others are more remote, and visiting them requires taking a boat or air taxi. You likely won’t see all the parks on your first visit to Alaska, and that’s okay. We recommend visiting 2 or 3 on your first trip. You can always come back to see the rest!

*Note: These sample itineraries offer inspiration as well as logistical information, so you can choose what you like and book your own Alaska vacation. You’ll find links to activities and lodges we recommend, as well as other highlights. Here’s a package that includes a visit to 5 of Alaska’s National Parks. Or, fill out our contact form to receive a customized itinerary from a local itinerary specialist.