Kenai Fjords Vs Prince William Sound Day Cruise

Best Glaciers: Prince William Sound Best Wildlife Viewing: Kenai Fjords
If you just can't leave Alaska without seeing a glacier calve, Prince William Sound is your best bet. It has the densest concentration of tidewater glaciers in the world, some flowing a dozen miles from ice-capped peaks to terminate in cliffs of ice towering hundreds of feet above the water. You'll also see spectacular waterfalls and wildlife, including bald eagles, seabirds, otters, and occasionally whales, but typically not on the same frequency as in Kenai Fjords. Shorter cruises stay in Blackstone Bay, while longer cruises go deep into the Sound.
If you are more interested in spotting whales, sea lions, and harbor seals while out glacier watching, cruise in Kenai Fjords. Other wildlife includes puffins, otters, and mountain goats. Shorter cruises stay in Resurrection Bay and view glaciers from a distance. Longer cruises go all the way into Kenai Fjords National Park to the face of impressive tidewater glaciers that calve, although not on the same scale or frequency as in Prince William Sound.
Highlights Highlights
  • Best glacier calving
  • Generally calm waters
  • Dramatic mountain scenery
  • Ice-berg choked inlets and spectacular waterfalls
  • Seabirds, otters, harbor seals, and the occasional whale
  • Best whale watching
  • Emerald green fjords, rugged cliffs, and coves
  • Puffins, seabirds, sea lions, otters, harbor seals, mountain glaciers

Logistics - Departs Whittier

By car: 1.5 hours from Anchorage; check Whittier tunnel schedule before you go

By rail: 2.5 hours, $89 adult roundtrip; departs Anchorage 9:45am, returns 6:45pm daily.

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Logistics - Departs Seward

By car: 2.5 hours from Anchorage.

By rail: 4.5 hours, $125 adult roundtrip; departs Anchorage 6:45am, returns 10:15pm daily.

Consider an overnight in Seward before your cruise.

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