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Why Take an ATV Tour in Denali?

If you’re eager to cover a lot of ground in the backcountry while having an absolute blast, ATV & Jeep tours offer a thrilling way to traverse the rugged terrain around Denali National Park.

Where Will You Go?

Adventures with ATVs take you to splash through streams and roll over dirt trails. Though they don’t operate inside the park, they’ll immerse you in the same breathtaking beauty that Denali is known for. If you're looking for a multi-day experience, access to Wood River Lodge is in a fully-enclosed side-by-side, and guests have access to addtional ATV excursions during their stay.

Jeep Tours

Jeep tours provide a slightly tamer experience, allowing you to savor the ride or take the wheel yourself. As you drive in caravan formation, knowledgeable guides will lead the way, making unforgettable photo stops along the route.

Rent Your Own ATV

If you’re an experienced driver, you even have the option to rent a vehicle and explore on your own. These rental companies will happily provide insider tips on the best places to venture.

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Jeep / ATV Tours

Jeep & ATV Tours

Season: May 7 - Sept 24 $159.95 3 hrs

The Black Dia­mond ATV Trea­sure Hunt back­coun­try adven­ture, just out­side Denali, offers both a skilled guide and a splash of think-for-your­self adven­ture. Your ride can be fast and excit­ing or slow and leisure­ly — it’s up to you. Unlike some oth­er ATV trips, you don’t have to do the dri­ving; a pro is at the wheel of the Polaris ATV. You’ll explore old coal-min­ing trails and the Dry Creek Riv­er Bed, where Athabas­can Indi­an arti­facts have been found  ...more

Season: May 7 - Sept 20 $139.95+ 3.5 hrs

Dri­ve your own 4‑wheel all-ter­rain vehi­cle (ATV) on this excit­ing off-road jour­ney through the back­coun­try adja­cent to Denali Nation­al Park. Black Dia­mond puts you in con­trol: stop when­ev­er you want, take pic­tures of the spec­tac­u­lar scenery, and laugh as you expe­ri­ence Alas­ka as it was meant to be: rough and wild. Explore old coal-min­ing trails and spill out onto the Dry Creek Riv­er Bed, then head high up on Black Dia­mond Peak to take in the  ...more

Season: May 19 - Sept 9 $135+ 2.5 to 3.5 hrs

This tour is an adven­ture­some alter­na­tive to a bus ride into the park. Denali ATV Adven­tures offers sev­er­al tours that let you explore the areas sur­round­ing Denali Nation­al Park. On your jour­ney, you’ll splash through rivers, dri­ve over tree root-rut­ted trails, and four-wheel up to some of the area’s most spec­tac­u­lar vis­tas. Dri­ve your own ATV, or be the pas­sen­ger and enjoy the ride. 

Season: May 15 - Sept 15 $179 Jeep Tour 4-8 hrs

This is your chance to expe­ri­ence the spec­tac­u­lar scenery along the Denali High­way, a road recent­ly ranked #2 world­wide as a Dri­ve of a Life­time’ by Nation­al Geo­graph­ic Trav­el­er Mag­a­zine. You’ll be giv­en the oppor­tu­ni­ty to take the wheel, or if you pre­fer, just sit back and enjoy stun­ning views of the peaks and glac­i­ers of the cen­tral Alas­ka Range. There is a guide in the Jeep up front, but you can stop wher­ev­er, when­ev­er, and as often as you  ...more

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Jeep & ATV Rentals

Season: May 15 - Sept 15 $200+ 1+ hrs

ATV rentals for 2, 4, 8, or even a full 24 hours to explore many of the fun trails just out­side of Denali Nation­al Park on your own. Unguid­ed doesn’t mean unaid­ed: Denali Toy Rentals will out­fit you with a hel­met, gog­gles, and trail map, as well as lots of insid­er tips and sug­ges­tions on where to go, cus­tomized to your interests.

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