Why This Trip?

This 10-day Alaskan fishing expedition begins in Anchorage, weaving through the state's prime fishing spots including the Mat-Su Valley, Kenai Peninsula, Cooper Landing, Seward, and Homer.

The journey extends to Talkeetna and Copper Center, culminating in a unique interior fishing experience in Fairbanks and the North Pole.

Anglers will enjoy targeting a wide variety of species, from salmon and trout to halibut and grayling, amidst breathtaking landscapes and local Alaskan culture.


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Day 1

Arrive and overnight in Anchorage

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Arrive in Anchorage and pick up your rental car. Spend your first day exploring local sites and preparing for your fishing adventure. You can visit local tackle shops to gear up and get the latest fishing reports.

Check into your accommodations for the night and grab dinner one of many restaurants offering local cuisine.

Day 2

Daytrip to Mat-Su Valley and overnight in Anchorage

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Head to the Mat-Su Valley for some of the best freshwater fishing in the state. You can target salmon, trout, and grayling in the many rivers and lakes. The Little Susitna River and Wasilla area are particularly notable.

Grab dinner in Anchorage and do some sightseeing or shopping before returning to your hotel for the night.

Day 3

Drive from Anchorage to the Kenai Peninsula.

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Drive to the Kenai Peninsula, aiming for Kenai or Soldotna.

This area is famous for its salmon runs. Fish the Kenai River for king salmon, sockeye, or coho, depending on the season.

Day 4

Drive from Homer to Seward

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Continue fishing in the Kenai area. Consider a guided fishing trip for trophy-sized fish or explore the Kasilof River as an alternative.

Check in to your lodging in Seward.

Day 5

Cooper Landing and Seward

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In the morning, visit Cooper Landing for fly fishing on the upper Kenai River, targeting rainbow trout and Dolly Varden. In the afternoon, drive to Seward for the chance to participate in saltwater fishing, targeting halibut, rockfish, and silver salmon.

Return to your lodging in Seward.

Day 6

Travel to Homer, known as the "Halibut Fishing Capital of the World." Enjoy a full day of halibut fishing.

Enjoy a meal of local cuisine and check into your accommodations for the night.

Day 7

Get up in time to watch the sunrise and spend another day in Homer. Consider a chartered fishing trip to remote locations across Kachemak Bay for a unique fishing experience.

Day 8

Talkeetna and Copper Center

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Drive towards Talkeetna early in the morning, possibly stopping for a quick fishing session or scenic viewing. Then, proceed to Copper Center, an excellent location for fishing in the Copper River, known for its world-famous Copper River Salmon.

Day 9

Fairbanks and North Pole

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Head north to Fairbanks and the nearby North Pole. Though not primarily known for fishing, you can explore local lakes and rivers for pike and grayling. This day adds a different flavor to your fishing adventure, allowing you to experience the interior's unique landscape.

Check into your accommodations and grab a meal nearby.

Day 10

Return to Anchorage

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Make your way back to Anchorage. The drive is 5 hours and if time allows, stop by any rivers or lakes along the way for a final fishing session. Use this day to relax and reflect on your Alaskan fishing adventure, possibly exploring any Anchorage spots you missed upon arrival and check in to your hotel.