Cooper Landing Area Wilderness Lodges

Experience the rustic charm and modern comfort at a wilderness lodge in the Cooper Landing area. Nestled in the backcountry, these lodges offer breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape, including the Kenai River. Because some have no road access, you’ll have to raft or fly in to reach them. Once there, you’ll enjoy outdoor activities, cozy accommodations, and warm hospitality.

Wilderness Lodges

Season: June 1 - Sept 30 $2400+ all-inclusive packages

Stay­ing at the remote Kenai Back­coun­try Lodge with­in the Kenai Nation­al Wildlife Refuge offers a real taste of the wilder­ness. The lodge, locat­ed on a five-acre, pri­vate in-hold­ing, began as a riv­er-accessed hunt­ing cab­in back in 1935. Years lat­er, the remod­eled and expand­ed prop­er­ty is still road-free, and guests raft into the lodge. Alas­ka Wild­land Adven­tures pride them­selves on a leave no trace’ style of eco-tourism.