3 Days in the Mat-Su Valley

3 Days


Mid-May through mid-September



Why This Trip?

The Mat-Su Valley is Alaska's agricultural heartland, and it's full of fascinating places to stop, as well as fun adventures. This quick trip gives you an overview of the area while offering the opportunty to see glaciers and wildlife.


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Day 1

Arrive in Anchorage - Day in Palmer / Wasilla

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Pick up your rental car in Anchorage for the 45-mile drive to the Palmer/Wasilla area. Along the way, make a stop to see some cool creatures. At the Musk Ox Farm, you can check out one of the Arctic's oldest living species, the musk ox; around 80 of them live here. And at the Reindeer Farm, you'll have the chance to pet a reindeer!

Day 2

Drive Roundtrip to Glacier View

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From Palmer/Wasilla, it's another 60 miles to Glacier View. There's no actual downtown here, but it's a great place for adventures. The centerpiece is the mammoth Matanuska Glacier, one of Alaska's few roadside glaciers. Get right up to it and take a guided hike on the ice. You'll also find the two fastest ziplines in Southcentral Alaska here, as well as great opportunities for rafting and hiking. Head back to Palmer/Wasilla to spend the night.

Day 3

Drive from Palmer / Wasilla to Anchorage

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Today it's time to drive back to Anchorage and fly home. Take your final day to explore the city. Get an in-depth picture of the city and state at the Anchorage Museum, or visit the Alaska Native Heritage Center for a dose of history and culture. Of course, you'll also want to experience the city's fantastic bars and restaurants. And go shopping for fun souvenirs to take home and remind you of your trip!