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Harness up, take a deep breath, and feel the air rush past as you speed down a zipline at speeds up to 60 m.p.h., all with a spectacular view. This is the thrill of ziplining, a sport that has become hugely popular around the world. And doing it in Alaska is extra special, due to jaw-dropping mountain peaks and rugged landscape that make up the background.

It’s an easy and super-safe activity—expert guides will get you harnessed up and make sure you’re safely hooked to the lines. Some ziplines even have an automatic braking system, so you don’t have to worry about slowing yourself down. But if the zipline has a manual braking system, your guides will walk you through that as well.

And most everyone can do it, though there are usually some stipulations, like a minimum age of 7 or 8 years old, as well as a minimum and maximum weight. And it’s probably not the best option for pregnant women or people with neck or back pain, as some ziplines have abrupt stops.

What about if you have a fear of heights? Well, that’s part of the excitement. And once you start zipping, that little bit of fear will fly right away, and you’ll be focused on the scenery as you howl with excited laughter.

Wear whatever you like, though you will need to have close-toed shoes. Harnesses and helmets will be provided. And if you want a visual souvenir of your adventure, forget using a camera or phone (if you drop it, it’s gone!)—instead, attach a GoPro. And some ziplines will also take photos or videos of you as you fly by.

So get ready for a speedy, fun adventure—ziplining, Alaska-style!

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Zipline up to 135 ft above lush rainforest

Talkeetna View All

The farthest-north canopy tour in North America
Season: May 19 to Sep 16 $164 3 hrs

Com­bine great views of the Alas­ka Range and Denali with the thrill of ziplin­ing. Set in the forest­ed ridges above the Tal­keet­na Riv­er Val­ley, this is the far­thest-north canopy tour in North Amer­i­ca. On these nine ziplines and three sus­pen­sion bridges, you can get up close to the birch, cot­ton­wood, and spruce trees of the bore­al for­est — it’s earth’s largest ecosys­tem and a crit­i­cal nest­ing habi­tat for migrat­ing songbirds.


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The only canopy tour on the Kenai Peninsula
Season: May 28 - Sept 10 $164 3 hrs

Bald eagles are known to nest in this wood­ed spot near Res­ur­rec­tion Bay — and when you sign up for a tour with Stoney Creek Canopy Adven­tures, you’ll get to soar just like these icon­ic birds. This three-hour tour — the only canopy tour on the Kenai Penin­su­la — com­bines ziplines, rap­pels and sky bridges, with panoram­ic views of Mount Marathon, Res­ur­rec­tion Peaks and all the gor­geous scenery around you. It’s easy, and unde­ni­ably thrilling.

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Rock Climbing, Rappelling & Ziplining

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Juneau View All

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Denali National Park View All

See tundra & the Alaska Range
Season: May 26 - Sept 9 $149 3 hrs

Go on the typ­i­cal zipline and you get a love­ly ride under a canopy of trees. But with this unique zipline tour — the only one in the Denali Nation­al Park area— you ride above the tree line, so that you can take in sweep­ing, 360-degree views of miles around, includ­ing the tun­dra and the Alas­ka Range.

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Glacier View View All

Season: Late May to Mid-September $99 2 hrs

Noth­ing gets your heart pound­ing like zoom­ing high above a glacial­ly carved val­ley. The Nitro and G2 are two of the longest zips in Alas­ka, and the G2 is the fastest in the state. You’ll get the most amaz­ing minute or so of sight-see­ing you’ve ever had, glid­ing up to a half mile near the Matanus­ka Riv­er, and into the forest­ed area around Matanus­ka Glacier.

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