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Denali National Park Zipline Tours

Zipline tours, quickly growing in popularity, make for fun ways to explore Denali National Park. Available from May to September, these tours give you the chance to glide above the trees and take in views of the Alaska Range. Go on a thrilling zipline tour just north of the park’s entrance, where you’ll get a 360-degree view of the area’s natural wonders!

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Zipline Tours

Season: May 24 - Sept 8 $159 3 hrs

Go on the typ­i­cal zipline and you get a love­ly ride under a canopy of trees. But with this unique zipline tour — the only one in the Denali Nation­al Park area— you ride above the tree line, so that you can take in sweep­ing, 360-degree views of miles around, includ­ing the tun­dra and the Alas­ka Range.

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