An experience at Stonewood Lodge with Stonewood Expeditions combines the deluxe amenities of a premier backcountry lodge and fully guided activities led by experienced outdoorsmen.

Private Group Focus - Book The Whole Lodge

With a focus on private group bookings, the guests not only receive the most dedicated service, they also get the most control of their trip. The spacious lodge will feel like your own Alaska paradise and the schedule is made to fit your goals as much as possible.

In the world of fishing Stonewood Lodge is an ideal location for some of the best trophy fishing Alaska. Right there on Lake Clark guests can fish Salmon, Northern Pike, Char, Arctic Grayling as well as Lake Trout. Or board one of the lodge aircraft and fly out massive King Salmon on the famous Nushagak river or head over the hills for some unbelievable Rainbow Trout fishing.

Perhaps you want to kayak for a few days, then go bear viewing. Or maybe relax and fish right at the Lodge for a week. What every your goal, Alaska’s Stonewood Lodge is a piece of paradise in which few places in the world can compare in all around beauty and adventure.

Lake Clark National Park is an amazing part of Alaska that is not even 200 air miles from Anchorage. It boasts some of the world’s best fishing, largest brown bears, and scenic wonders, mile after breathtaking mile. Lake Clark is rugged, remote, and – since it’s not on the road system – is one of the least visited national parks in the country.

After falling in love with the Lake Clark area, Preston and Stacie Cavner built a 10,000-square-foot haven on beautiful Dice Bay, across from Port Alsworth. From this prime location, they’ve spent more than 15 years hosting guests who desire a satisfying retreat from the hectic demands of a busy lifestyle, and a convenient base camp for exploring this truly amazing part of the world.

Adventure into the backcountry and do some trophy fishing

On the shores of 50-mile long Lake Clark, Stonewood Lodge is the perfect high-end retreat for visitors who want an exclusive – and all-inclusive – getaway to wild Alaska, in the midst of prime bear viewing, trophy fishing and backcountry adventuring.

Lake Clark National Park offers a dynamic mix of ecosystems – from coastal rainforests and tundra to vast mountain ranges, glaciers and still-active volcanoes. Step off the porch of Stonewood Lodge and enter a wilderness where you may see wolf, moose and bear tracks just off the deck! There are no crowds, no roads – only dramatic views and endless opportunities for experiencing authentic Alaska.

Enjoy this wilderness setting along with the comforts of home (electricity 24/7, heated floors, Internet access, in-suite bathrooms) and gourmet meals featuring fresh Alaskan seafood.

Trophy fishing In the Bristol Bay Watershed & Alaska Peninsula

If you’re serious about sport fishing, then Bristol Bay, Alaska must be on your list. Anglers from all over the world come here for trophy-sized Rainbow Trout, five species of salmon, Arctic Grayling, Northern Pike and Dolly Varden. You can start fishing right from the Lodge then go out on Lake Clark to fish the many tributaries and inlets and miles of shoreline. Stonewood Lodge also owns and operates two additional fishing locations. Fish the Nushagak River from Stonewood's Swiftwater Fish Camps, which are just a quick flight over the mountains from the Lodge. The Nushagak is home to some of the best salmon spawning grounds in the world—Alaska Kings, Silver and Rainbows abound.

Want to get some ocean fishing in and experience the beauty of the Alaska Peninsula? Stonewood Expeditions can take you to its private Pacific Bay Bear Lodge, where you will can fish the untouched waters for Halibut, Cod, Crab and Shark. Anglers will also find short rivers pouring straight from volcanic and glacier-clad peaks to make up the very best Salmon habitat. Silvers, Reds, Pinks, and Chum Salmon all have runs in these rivers. It is a great area for combining fishing for freshwater and saltwater species—many times fishing both in the same day.

A premier location for watching brown bears

Never fished before? That shouldn’t stop you from trying it here, where the natural conditions have conspired to make excellent fishing habitat along with exquisite views. Your guides will show you the ropes and different techniques for the species you are fishing. Come back to Stonewood to relax each night, or plan for some overnight campouts at certain locations. Stonewood Lodge offers the gear and the guides – you enjoy catching the fish!

Bear Viewing

This one of the world’s premier spots for watching brown bears in their natural habitat as they go about the business of being bears – and it’s a tremendous sight: frolicking in the coast as they pounce on salmon, digging for clams, eating sedge grass – or perched right in Brooks Falls trying one of many strategies for an easy salmon catch. Fly out from Stonewood Lodge for a quick and scenic trip over mountains and to the spots where the bears are feeding. Your guides will know the best locations based on the time of year. And your safety is top priority, so you can concentrate on getting the absolute best shots of these mighty bruins. Check out the “Double the Bears & Double the Parks” itinerary, offering flights to both Lake Clark National Part and Katmai National Park to see bears in different settings.

Backcountry Exploring

Nature’s secrets are revealed in Lake Clark, where backcountry adventures take you far out of your day-to-day routine and into the heart of primeval Alaska. Explore the Twin Lakes area of Lake Clark on a quintessential backpacking traverse, trekking miles through alpine tundra and meadows, through valleys and up mountain passes, with gorgeous views of Twin Lakes, the gems of Lake Clark. You can also kayak the lakes, which makes for a relaxing exploration of this area, where you will likely spot wildlife but little other activity. Many visitors also appreciate seeing Dick Proenneke’s hand-built cabin, where the amateur naturalist lived by himself for 30 years, subsisting mainly on what he could hunt, catch or grow.

And there’s more!

Visit the Stonewood Lodge and Stonewood Expeditions website for more details, and give them a call to help you plan the perfect visit. Once you’ve been here, you’ll want to come back again to try all those things you didn’t experience the first time around – and that includes the sights and activities that an Alaskan winter has to offer. Winter trips with Stonewood Expeditions can include snowmobiling, ice fishing, skiing and the world-famous Iditarod Sled Dog Race.