Jeff Schultz' Photo Stories

Iconic images of Alaskan wildlife, landscapes and adventure have done much to entice visitors to the state. Many of those photos were made through the lens of Jeff Schultz. Follow along on his travels throughout Alaska. His photos and stories will make you feel as if you're there with him.

Jeff Schultz Kayaking Bear Glacier new 190729 5 F2537
Jeff Schultz Chugach Flightseeing Mountains 170415 5 M2381
Jeff Shultz Bore Tide Thumb 160622 5 D2007
Jeff Schultz Virgin Creek Falls Thumb 140901 4 M5032
Jeff-Schultz-Thumb-Canoeing-Wonder-Lake-2102838 High Res
Jeff Schultz Harding Ice Field 2131306 High Res
Jeff Schultz Redoubt Bay 150901 727283
Jeff Schultz Prince William Sound Thumb190808 5 F7324
Jeff Schultz Shoup Bay2128883 High Res
Jeff Schultz Portage Pass11 AA5 D 4602
Jeff Schultz Knik Glacier 160716 5 M6531
Jeff Schultz Thumbnail 150613 4 M6662
Jeff Schultz Bear Viewing Lake Clark National Park180806 1 X8905
Jeff Schultz Kennicott140620 3 M1776
Jeff Schultz Windy Corner Thumb 160524 5 M8822
Jeff Schultz Moose Viewing Powerline pass190717 1 X2360
Jeff Schultz Fall Foliage 190911 5 F2313
Jeff Schultz Northern Lights Viewing Fairbanks 170107 5 M4415