Knik Glacier

The Knik Glacier snakes out of the Chugach Mountains, tumbling into an iceberg-studded lake that feeds the Knik River. With a five-mile-wide face and daily calving, it’s an impressive sight: 400-foot ice walls rise out of a lake filled with icebergs that are floating, turning, and breaking apart. This glacier used to wreak havoc on the Mat-Su Valley, advancing every winter and damming up a lake that would flood each summer. (And it’s been recognized as a National Natural Landmark because of the phenomenon.) But glacial recession has stemmed the flooding and created a six-square-mile lake at the glacier face. There are no roads in here, but tour operators travel up the Knik River to the lake. There are also flightseeing trips over the glacier and a dog-mushing camp on the ice. You can also catch a glimpse of the glacier as you're driving the Glenn Highway south of Palmer. And if you can’t visit, you can see the glacier in films; it’s been the set for several Hollywood movies, like “Star Trek V” and “Avalanche.”

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Latitude: 61.38686
Longitude: -148.543