Glacier trekking, kayaking, ice climbing, and other activities are even more special when combined with a spectacular helicopter ride through Alaska’s dramatic, one-of-a-kind scenic majesty. Thanks to key partnerships with other experienced Alaskan tour operators, Outbound Heli Adventures is able to coordinate seamless outings of a lifetime! And, they pride themselves on offering the most amount of flight time with their excursions.

Of course, heli-flightseeing by itself is incredibly thrilling. You’ll get up close and personal with mountain peaks, take in birds-eye views of glaciers, and soak in a unique perspective on this amazing landscape.

Your excursion will be intimate and personalized—all flights are private, and on trekking or climbing trips, you won’t have more than 6 guests on your outing. And you’ll be asked what you’re interested in seeing and what kind of scenery and activity would excite you most. Land on a glacier, go overnight camping in the quiet backwoods, try paddleboarding or kayaking on a glacier, hop in an ATV, or go trekking among the tundra. You’ll even have the opportunity to purchase a delicious lunch made by a local restaurant.

Flightseeing Tours with Glacier Landings (Year-Round)

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Knik Glacier Explorer

This quick trip—the most popular—offers a taste of heli-flightseeing that includes a glacier landing! You’ll spend 45–50 minutes taking in spectacular views of the Chugach Range from the helicopter, land on the glacier, and have about 45–60 minutes to explore this river of ancient blue ice. Your pilot will take another route back from the glacier so you can sample even more amazing scenery.

Prince William Sound Spectacul-Air

The Knik Glacier is an iconic, 26-mile wonder of Alaska—and on this trip you’ll be flying over the entirety of it. Fly from the mountains to Prince William Sound, where you’ll be surrounded by waterfalls. In the summer you may even spot sea life below you! Then return via the stunning Surprise Glacier. You’ll also have the chance to land in whatever environment you’d like to get out and walk around. Glacier? Mountain top? It’s your choice!

The Chugach Explorer

Lift off and chopper through the Alaskan air for 50–60 unforgettable minutes of flight time. You can even choose a couple key spots to land and do some trekking. You could make your first landing on a glacier, for example, and explore on foot for 45–60 minutes. Then lift off and set down in another amazing location, like shimmering Lake George, where massive icebergs float in the lake. Other options include an iceberg beach by a glacier wall, or high up in the alpine for an incredible view!

Flightseeing Only (Year-Round)

Scenic Sampler

Enjoy the magical experience of heli-flightseeing over the Alaskan wilderness for 50–60 minutes. You’ll lift off and head out over Knik Lake, skirt Lake George, and fly over a magnificent glacier. Along the way, you’ll see waterfalls (beautifully frozen in the winter), gorges, canyons, and glaciers. You’ll also fly over a good stretch of the Knik River Bed, where there are often moose, goats, and a ton of other wildlife. This tour doesn’t include a landing, but if you get up in the air and decide you want to touch down and explore, you can add it on!

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Take in even more of the gorgeous scenery! This tour follows a flight path that’s similar to the Scenic Sampler, but you’ll have about 20 minutes more in the air.

Heli Hiking & Ice Climbing


Dream up your perfect day hike! Work with Outbound Heli Adventures to customize the length, duration, and difficulty of your outing. Your hosts know amazing hikes and can recommend the perfect one for your group.

Ice Climbing – Half or Full Day

Available year-round, the half-day ice climbing includes 40 minutes of spectacular flying, and more than 3 hours of incredible climbing. No experience? No problem! All instruction and equipment is included, so it’s perfect for beginners and experienced ice climbers alike. You may be climbing a waterfall or have the unique experience of climbing an iceberg, depending on the timing. You may even be able to explore ice caves! In summer, you’ll be climbing on a glacier, where you’ll be making your way down cool crevasses, or even get lowered down into formations and climb up.

In summer, you can extend your trip to a full day! You’ll spend almost 7 hours exploring a glacier, doing a mix of climbing and trekking.

Glacier Trekking – Half or Full Day

Spend 40 minutes taking in Alaska’s majesty from the air, then land on a glacier and explore the fascinating surface on foot for 3 hours on the half-day trip. You’ll be checking all the glaciers cool features, like blue pools, crevasses, holes, and moulins.

On the full day tour, get even more time on the glacier! Spend 40 minutes flightseeing and a full 6 hours on the glacier. It’s a great option for photographers, who will get more time to capture amazing shots. You’ll also have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to jump into the glacier’s waters!

Paddleboarding & Kayaking

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(Summer Only)

On the Glacial Paddleboarding trip, after touching down on the glacier’s surface, you’ll paddle out over big blue melt pools—instruction is included, so no experience is necessary. With endless pools of blue and ice formations below, this really gives you the chance to see the glacier’s depth. You’ll do some glacier trekking as well.

Or, you can opt for Paddle Boarding or Kayaking on Lake George. Go paddleboarding or kayaking around big amazing icebergs on a glacial lake at the base of the Colony glacier.

Elopements & Weddings

Celebrate your big day Alaska-style! Fly wherever you’d like and have a personalized background for photos, whether it’s a dramatic waterfall, glacier with bright blue melt pools, wildflower-filled meadow, or gorgeous ice-capped peaks!

Getting There

3901 S. Lindsey Circle #F
Palmer, AK 99645
Driving Directions

Prices & Dates

Season Year Round
Duration 1.5+ hrs
Rates Knik Glacier Explorer // 40 minutes flightseeing, 45 minutes on glacier, 1 hour 25 minutes total | $429+ per person (2 person minimum)
Prince William Sound Spectacul-Air // 1 hour 10 minutes flightseeing, 30 minutes landing, 1 hour 40 minutes total | $699+ per person (2 person minimum)
The Chugach Explorer // 50 minutes flightseeing, 30 minutes landing, 1 hours 50 minutes total | $528+ per person (2-person minimum)
Scenic Sampler // 40 minutes flightseeing | $599+ per person (2-person minimum)
Pilot-In-Training // 60 minutes flightseeing | $499+ per person (2-person minimum)
Heli-Ice Climbing: Half-day // 40 minutes flightseeing, 3 hours 20 minutes climbing | call for rates
Heli-Ice Climbing: Full day // 40 minutes flightseeing, 6 hours climbing | call for rates | May–September only
Half-Day Glacier Excursion: Full day // 40 minutes flightseeing, 3 hours ice trekking | call for rates
Full-Day Glacier Excursion: Full day // 40 minutes flightseeing, 6 hours ice trekking | call for rates | May–September only
Heli-Hiking // Custom Duration | call for rates | May–September only
Glacier Paddleboarding // 40 minutes flightseeing, 3 hours on glacier | call for rates | May–September only
Paddleboarding or Kayaking on Lake George // 40 minutes flightseeing, 3 hours on glacier | call for rates | May–September only


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