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$625 per person 4.5 hrs

Whether you’re look­ing for world class bear-view­ing or want to expe­ri­ence a breath­tak­ing flight­see­ing tour, Kodi­ak-based Island Air Ser­vice can make it hap­pen. Start your bear-view­ing tour in Kodi­ak, and you’ll have a short­er flight time com­pared to leav­ing from Anchor­age. Even if you’re just here for a day while your cruise ship is in port, it’s easy to fly out and wit­ness the majesty of these impres­sive creatures.

Come to this down­town har­bor to see salmon-fish­ing boats, long­lin­ers, and crab­bers, as well as guide-oper­at­ed sport-fish­ing boats and per­son­al sail­boats. There are 250 slips here, account­ing for rough­ly one-third of the boats in Kodi­ak. Walk the docks and see if you can iden­ti­fy a trawler, sein­er, or crab­ber. The fish­er­men will have already pitched” their catch, but you can still watch them chop­ping bait, mend­ing nets, or shov­ing off for…  ...more

When the U.S. Navy closed their Kodi­ak sta­tion, Fort Gree­ley, in 1972, the Coast Guard took over. This is now the country’s largest sta­tion, with almost 1,000 personnel.