When the U.S. Navy closed their Kodiak station, Fort Greeley, in 1972, the Coast Guard took over. This is now the country’s largest station, with almost 1,000 personnel. They inspect and license fishing vessels, provide navigational and communication support, and help with marine safety. To accomplish this, they conduct patrol and rescue operations throughout Alaska with a buoy tender, two cutters, seven helicopter units, and five C-130 aircraft. The Kodiak base patrols the famed rough waters of the North Pacific and Bering Sea. The base is often referenced in the show Deadliest Catch.
Visitors are welcome, but must have picture ID. To see the planes and helicopters, check out the view from Women’s Bay. Boats are moored at a pier across the bay.

Getting There

Latitude: 57.741732
Longitude: -152.506549
Driving Directions