Photo Credit: Jaime Hammond

A Journey Through the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center

Bison Hall at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center.

Bison Hall

As the sun cast its golden glow over the breathtaking landscape of the conservation center, I was filled with anticipation for the encounter that awaited me. Stepping into Bison Hall, a sanctuary dedicated to the preservation of the Wood Bison, I met Lily—wildlife expert and guide extraordinaire who led my “Walk on the Wildside” tour.

Wildlife guide and expert pointing to a sign at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center.

A Well-Planned Route

Lily stood beside a large map, her finger tracing the exciting journey ahead. Lily’s passion shone through her warm smile and vibrant energy as she eagerly pointed out the wide range of magnificent creatures that awaited our exploration.

A grey wolf stands in the snow at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center.

First Stop, the Wolf Pack

Bathed in the sun, this wolf stood proud, his fur glistening amid the snowy habitat. With his piercing amber eyes locked on an unseen target, he exuded an aura of primal grace and raw power. Each member of the wolf pack was unique in size and demeanor, yet their unity was obvious, speaking volumes about their tight-knit social structure.

A herd of bison graze in the snow at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center

The Plight of the Wood Bison

Standing tall against the breathtaking backdrop of Alaska’s untamed wilderness, these creatures exuded strength and resilience. Observing them up close, I couldn't help but be in awe of their sheer size and the intricate details of their massive horns and shaggy coats.

The encounter left me with a deep sense of gratitude for the tireless dedication of the center's staff in preserving the wood bison population. It was a reminder of the importance of conservation and our responsibility to protect and cherish the natural world around us.

A red fox stands in the snow at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center.

Spotting the Elusive Red Fox

This photograph shows the legendary red fox in a moment of captivating grace. His fiery russet coat contrasted starkly against the snow-covered landscape, while his alert amber eyes fixated on something in the middle distance, showcasing his innate predatory prowess.

A porcupine eats a piece of carrot at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center.

Time to Feed Kit Kat the Hungry Porcupine

As part of my “Walk on the Wildside” tour, I had the opportunity to feed a hungry porcupine named Kit Kat. With his quills gently swaying, Kit Kat eagerly approached the food tray, his eyes sparkling with anticipation. As I offered him a handful of his favorite treats, his delicate paws gingerly plucked them from my hand. It was a truly enchanting experience to witness the trust and gratitude in Kit Kat's eyes as he savored each morsel.

The bunk house at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center.

Encounter with Moose at the Bunkhouse

The Bunkhouse, nestled deep within the sprawling conservation center, provided a front-row view of the gentle moose. It was a rare opportunity to appreciate the creatures’ grandeur and gain a deeper understanding of their importance to Alaska’s diverse ecosystem.

A musk ox sleeps in the snow at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center.

A Serene Slumber

Behold the majestic musk ox enjoying a tranquil nap in his habitat at the sanctuary. While observing these remarkable animals, visitors can also learn about the fascinating world of qiviut, the incredibly soft and warm wool they produce.

Two black bears rest in their den at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center.

Still Sleeping

As winter’s embrace loosened its grip, the conservation center welcomed the stirring of nature’s most enchanting creatures. Black bears, once dormant in the depths of hibernation, emerged from their cozy dens, stretching their bodies under the golden rays of the shining sun.

A brown bear walks in his habitat at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center.

The Post-Hibernation Awakening

I visited the sanctuary just a few days after the brown bears also awoke from their hibernation. Delicate yet powerful, these massive creatures stretched their limbs, blinked away their slumber, and embarked on a new season of adventure and discovery at the center.

How Do I Visit?

Immerse yourself in an affordable and awe-inspiring adventure by visiting the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center. This remarkable destination is ideal for families seeking an unforgettable experience. Enhance the visit by upgrading your ticket to the “Walk on the Wildside” tour, which includes a guided tour where you’ll get deeper insights into the remarkable wildlife.

The Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center is open year-round, offering an incredible opportunity to witness the splendor of rare and majestic creatures. Be sure to include a visit to the conservation center in your itinerary, as it promises an extraordinary encounter with the wildlife of Alaska.


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