Photo Credit: Jaime Hammond

A Close Encounter with Arctic Giants

Jaime Hammond poses in front of the visitor center at the Musk Ox Farm in Palmer, Alaska

Welcome to the Visitor Center

The Musk Ox Farm’s new visitor center transformed an old barn into a modern masterpiece. The iconic red-pitched roof and charming silo outside capture the essence of traditional farm architecture. Step inside and immerse yourself in the warm hospitality and fascinating world of musk oxen, guided by a friendly staff.

Tour guide Dani smiles in front of a herd of musk oxen at the Musk Ox Farm in Palmer, Alaska

An Incredible Conservation Journey

This is Dani, my knowledgeable guide for the day, who shared the remarkable history of musk oxen, from near extinction to thriving population. I learned about their incredible story of resilience and the dedicated staff's unwavering commitment to their well-being. Then I saw these magnificent creatures up close on an unforgettable tour.

A Musk Ox stands in the snow at the Musk Ox Farm in Palmer, Alaska

The Massive Beasts

Standing up to five feet tall at the shoulder and weighing a staggering 800 pounds, these massive beasts command attention. Their curved horns, resembling a proud crown, serve as both striking adornments and formidable weapons in their battles for mating rights and dominance.

A three legged Musk Ox stands in the snow at the Musk Ox Farm in Palmer, Alaska

Luna, the 3-Legged Warrior

I met Luna, who grazed gracefully while standing on only three legs. Her upbeat presence and playful spirit served as a powerful example of overcoming adversity with unwavering resilience. Luna’s contagious joy spread through her interaction with me and the other visitors who met her, captivating our hearts and inspiring us all.

A Musk Ox stands in the snow at the Musk Ox Farm in Palmer, Alaska

Hi There, Trebek!

A spirited and mischievous bull named Trebek engaged playfully with me. His eyes gleamed with mischief as he invited me to join in his lively antics, creating an irresistible bond through the fence.

A musk ox calf stands in the snow at the Musk Ox Farm in Palmer, Alaska

A Playful Calf

A timid calf named Bumble Bee cautiously emerged from the corner, peeking out with curiosity as I approached the fence. After a few cautious sniffs and a warm reception, the shy calf quickly grew fond of me; her playful, charging gestures seemed an invitation to come visit her again.

A musk ox undercoat named qiviut at the Musk Ox Farm in Palmer, Alaska.

Discover the Remarkable Adaptations of Arctic Animals

I learned about the musk oxen’s resilience in minus 50°F temperatures and how its luxurious, two-layered coat provides protection. It was a fascinating journey into the world of qiviut, the soft and warm fiber revered by artisans worldwide.

An array of finely crafted garnments made from qiviut line the walls of the gift shop at the Musk Ox Farm in Palmer, Alaska

Gift Time

Immersed in the vibrant world of musk oxen, I couldn’t resist adorning myself with a soft and warm hat made from their wool. The hat’s kaleidoscope of colors will be a cherished memento from my extraordinary journey.

How Do I Visit?

Bring the whole family to The Musk Ox Farm! You can enjoy a one-hour guided tour of the pastures where 76 musk oxen roam. On the tour, you’ll learn about these prehistoric-looking creatures during an informative session and then head out to meet them in person. The farm is open year-round; virtual tours are also available. Don’t miss the chance to see the rare musk oxen at The Musk Ox Farm!


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