How Many Days in Sitka?

Minimum Stay

1 full day in Sitka

Guided Tours

  • Many of these tours provide transportation from downtown, but plan ahead.
  • Wildlife boat cruise (1 hour to full-day excursions)
  • Fishing charters (half- to full-day)
  • Flightseeing (about 1 hour)
  • Sheet’ka Kwaan Kahidi Community House to see a Tlingit native dance performance
  • Harrigan Centennial Hall to watch the New Archangel Dancers

Self-Guided Recommendations

If You Have Extra Time

  • Take a boat or floatplane to Goddard Hot Springs or Baranof Warm Springs.
  • Take a water taxi and hike Mt. Edgecombe, a dormant volcano.
  • Visit popular salmon spawning sites


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