How Many Days in Tenakee Springs?

Minimum stay: 2-4 days

Everyone who stays in Tenakee wants to come back, so plan to take at least a few days to find out what they’re talking about. Stroll down the main drag, check out the historic buildings, and soak in the amazing hot springs. And that’s all before you fish, go whale watching or hike!

Tenakee is an artistic community with a lot of natural appeal, so even just hanging out and talking with locals is fun and fascinating. With no cars, Tenakee Springs offers a nice, relaxed feel, where there’s no rush and everyone walks wherever they need to go. no cars and it has a nice, relaxing feel.

Stay in Tenakee at least a few days to take in the feel of this charming town, where artists are inspired by the natural wonders around them. After exploring the area, talking with locals and relaxing in the hot springs, you’ll leave refreshed and ready to start planning your return trip.

Tip: Alaska Seaplanes fly to Tenakee three times daily in summer, making it convenient to stay however long you want. If traveling by ferry you can stay two days (Thursday-Saturday) or five days (Saturday-Thursday). Or you could mix and match: fly in and ferry out to get two different perspectives of the landscape.


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