How Many Days in Angoon?

In Angoon, visitors find incredible fishing and wildlife viewing in a location that is conveniently close to Juneau, yet far from the crowds. Like many remote locations in Alaska, it takes some effort to get here. You have to come by ferry, boat or seaplane.

Once you’ve arrived, it will take a day or two to soak up the spirit of the place – the unspoiled wilderness, the whales just off-shore. The eagles: more of them live here than in the entire Lower 48 combined. The brown bear: with a population of 1,600 on this island alone, makes sense that the Tlingits call it Kootznoowoo, or Fortress of the Bears.

Angoon is an authentic Tlingit village where culture isn’t on display with dancing shows at 1, 3, and 6. Rather, the culture is embedded in the daily life of the people here, and you learn about it by spending time with them, hearing about the history of this place, Tlingit traditions and their subsistence way of life.

Stay at least a week for fishing and whale watching or bear viewing excursions. Stay longer to learn more about the resilient Tlingit people who have made this place their home for thousands of years.

Minimum Stay

3 days.


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