How Many Days in Pelican?

Minimum Stay

Two to three days

Pelican was built up around the need to have a cold-storage area that was close to where fish were being caught, and it’s “Closest to the Fish” motto still holds true to this day. If you’re headed to Pelican and you enjoy fishing, you simply must stay long enough to truly enjoy the fresh and saltwater fishing options here.

A 2-3 day boat charter means you can fish and also take in some wildlife viewing. Spend a day trolling the waters in search of humpbacks or orca, another day fishing for King Salmon, Silver Salmon and halibut (yes, you can catch all three in one day). A charter can take you further afield: dropping you at White Sulphur Springs or Bohemia Basin for an overnight.

Can’t spend 2-3 days? You can still explore Pelican’s quiet charms during a stopover on the Alaska Marine Highway System. The ferry sails from Juneau once a month and stops in Pelican for a couple of hours. This will give you just enough time to check out the whole length of Pelican’s boardwalk, and maybe stop for a drink at the local café or bar.

Self-Guided Recommendations

  • Explore Pelican’s mile-long boardwalk, stopping to chat with locals.
  • Check out the Lisianski Inlet Café for fresh food and locally-made arts and crafts.
  • Go to Rose’s Bar and Grill for a drink and to sign your name on the ceiling.
  • Check your email at the Pelican Public Library and check the bulletin board for news of local celebrations or musical events.
  • View the community-carved totem poles at City Hall and at the public schools.
  • Rent a kayak and explore hidden coves and the waters of the protected Lisianski Inlet.
  • Hike the steep half-mile Tsunami Trail at the south end of town for a major workout and a great view of the Inlet.


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