How Many Days in Elfin Cove?

Elfin Cove works its magic on you after about three days. That’s a minimum amount of time to spend here, say the locals, who are hooked on the gorgeous views, tight-knit community, and world-class fishing opportunities that beckon all summer long.

And truthfully, once you make the effort to get to this remote part of the world, you need those days to capture the relaxing pace of life that fewer and fewer people get the chance to experience.

If you can’t imagine just hanging out for that long, don’t worry. There’s plenty to see and do here!

Wildlife viewing – This is whale central, with 65% of the world’s humpbacks traveling thousands of miles to Cross Sound, a cetacean diner serving up krill and small fry for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Oh yes, and you’ll also see eagles, sea lions, otter and the occasional brown bear.

Historical sites – The history of Elfin Cove (first called “Gunk Hole”) is encapsulated in the Elfin Cove Museum. There you can also learn about the nearby World War II Navy base at Port Althorp and the gun emplacement on George Island. A quick boat ride to George Island and scenic hike to the top brings you to the same lookout where World War II Naval personnel watched for Japanese submarines and aircraft. For pictures of

Fishing – Prized halibut, feisty King salmon, crazy-looking lingcod, and tasty Silver salmon. That’s just a start. Elfin Cove’s strategic spot on Cross Sound near the Gulf of Alaska made it perfect for commercial fishing, and that’s how the town developed. Today, there’s no question that Elfin Cove is one of the world’s most productive and exciting sport fishing locations in the world. All you need is your license and a boat. The fish will follow.

Kayaking – Paddling quietly through the water brings you close to Alaska’s spectacular sea life, and gives you ample freedom to pull into intriguing places along the coastline. Many kayakers plan ahead for a journey along the coastlines and an epic adventure from place to place. You could do this, or opt for shorter trips – maybe across to George Island or the nearby Inian Islands. Even a paddle around the inner and outer harbors is fun! (Note: If kayaking is at the top of your list, you’ll want to bring your own. Rentals in Elfin Cove are very limited. You can take kayaks on the Alaska Marine Highway Ferry, which stops in nearby Pelican or Gustavus.)

Relaxing – In Elfin Cove, you can reconnect with your creativity, and hear yourself think. Stroll the charming boardwalk, stop in at the general store, sit on a bench and watch folks come and go. Bring a few books, some knitting, or a journal for sketching or jotting your observations. Or, head on down to Coho’s Bar and Grill to perfect your pool game while enjoying an Alaska-brewed beverage. Relaxation is all in your frame of mind!

Photography – The views are everywhere: boardwalk and harbor scenes to mountain vistas, copious wildlife, and verdant flora.

Side trips – George Island, Pelican, and White Sulphur Springs are all a short ride away and offer another dimension to your Elfin Cove getaway.


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