Top of the World Highway

The name isn’t completely arbitrary--For most of the ride you drive along the peaks and crests of mountains and hills, leaving you a view of the valleys below. Though only open in the summer months, this 79 mile gravel-road has some spectacular views of the Alaska Range, and can take you on your way to Dawson City in the Yukon.

Not all rental vehicles are allowed on this road, so check with your rental agency before you travel. Or, rent from a company that allows their vehicle on gravel roads, like Alaska Overlander or Alaska Auto Rental.

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Points of Interest

Whether you’re trav­el­ing the Tay­lor to the Top of the World High­way and Daw­son City, or into Alas­ka from Daw­son City, do take this diver­sion into the Yukon Riv­er vil­lage of Eagle.

Here, you are 64 miles south of the his­toric town of Eagle, and 14 miles west of Cana­da and Daw­son City. If it is a clear day you will be able to see Canada’s Ogilvie Moun­tains in the north­east. From here to Eagle the road becomes very nar­row and more dan­ger­ous for large trail­ers and over­sized vehicles. 

These moun­tains are filled with gold and oth­er min­er­als, and they’re also filled with moose, cari­bou, bear, and tales of the gold rush.

One of the First Road­hous­es in Alaska