I love Alaska because it's a one-of-a-kind place: the people, the seasons, the challenge, and the opportunities. Alaska has given me so much to be thankful for.

I moved to Alaska in 2005 from Asheville NC to work in the tourism industry. During my early years as a tour director for Royal Caribbean International, I saw a niche that had yet to be filled. As a lover of craft beer and the experience of visiting local breweries, I had a realization of bringing together my Alaska tourism experience with an exploding craft beer industry in Alaska. Big Swig Tours was born in 2014 bridging the relationship between tourism and the Alaska craft beer industry. I wanted to get visitors and locals off the beaten tourism path and connect them with something hyper local. "It's at the breweries that that you can connect with the locals and really get a good feel for the place you are visiting." Big Swig Tours extends this experience to visitors and locals across it's variety of tour offerings.

Alaska Favorites

  • Visiting local breweries-duh!
  • Fat-tire winter biking
  • Any human powered adventure that gets me into the mountains

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