Choosing Your Cabin or Stateroom

When considering your cruising budget, it’s tempting to cut costs by selecting a cabin that’s smaller, without a view or veranda. Is that good budgeting? Here's what you should consider:

Alaska cruises are more scenery-oriented than other cruises.

The breathtaking views and sudden opportunities to spot sea-life make it worth the extra expense to upgrade to a veranda cabin (perhaps just $100 more per person). Imagine seeing a humpback whale right off your stateroom veranda, without having to jostle for position on deck: What price would you put on that experience?

Think about what extras you might book instead of a veranda cabin.

Some people would rather invest part of their cruise costs in a high-end (but highly memorable) shore excursion, such as flightseeing or bear-viewing—but some would rather spend the money on their shipboard experience.

If you tend to get seasick, the right cabin can help.

Mid-ship cabins move less than forward or aft cabins. That might be another reason to invest in a cabin with a veranda: Having quick access to fresh air and a view to fix your eye on can help stifle nausea. Learn more about avoiding Motion Sickness in Alaska.


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