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Alaska in June  (1:49)

By the middle of June, the summer travel season is in full swing. The temperature has warmed up, and all of the hotels and activities are up and running—basically, everything you’ve been dreaming about for your summer Alaska vacation is available. Of course, schools are out and more people are on the road than in May, so plan to reserve your flights, accommodations, and tours early. Still, Alaska’s enormous size means there’s plenty of room to spread out.

What's it Like? Land of the Midnight Sun

Whoever named Alaska the Land of the Midnight Sun was probably thinking about June; this is when you’ll find the longest days of the year. Temperatures rise into the mid-50s or even get up into the 70s, and there’s less rain than later in the summer.

June 21 brings the Summer Solstice, and Alaskans celebrate in a big way. In Anchorage, the sun dips below the horizon for just four hours, but even then, it never gets completely dark: You could sit outside and read a book at 1 a.m. if you wanted. You’ll find festivals around the state celebrating the abundance of daylight—joining in is a great way to meet locals and connect with the community.

Up in the mountains, the snow is finally melting at the higher elevations, opening the network of alpine trails back up. With June wildflowers in bloom, the scenery is even more spectacular than usual. And creatures have returned to their ancient patterns: Salmon start running, and bears begin to gather around rivers to catch their fill.

And while every summer activity is available in June, remember that because of the brightness, you won’t see northern lights. They’ll return when it gets dark again in late August.

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What to Pack & Wear for a June Vacation

Anytime you visit Alaska it’s a necessity to pack layers. But if you were hoping to throw sandals and shorts in your bag, June would be the first month to do it. Daytime highs can reach into the 70s, and sometimes higher. Interior Alaska (Fairbanks) sees warmer temperatures than Anchorage or coastal areas along the Inside Passage.

What Else You Should Know About June Travel


Wildlife is active in June, but as brush and leaves fill in, creatures become harder to spot from the road. Not to worry: Fly-in bear-viewing trips and whale-watching tours are in full swing.


You’ll find plenty of deep-sea charters to go angling for huge halibut. This is also when early runs of sockeye (red salmon) start. See our list of recommended charters.

Tours & Activities

Flightseeing, summer dog sledding, glacier tours, road trips, rafting, sea kayaking, day cruises: All of Alaska’s iconic summer activities are on the menu in June. See our full list of things to do.


June is a fantastic month to go for a hike, but you might still see some snow at higher elevations. See our hiking trails page and narrow down your favorites by destination. If you’d enjoy the company and knowledge of a local expert guide, browse our list of guided hikes.


Yep, the mosquitos are out. Generally, you’ll find fewer of them in early June. Follow our tips to avoid the critters.

National Parks

Summer visitor services are open in all of the national parks. Browse our Parks & Public Lands page for tips on how to visit.

June Trip Ideas By Car

Exploring Alaska by car gives you the freedom to travel at your own pace. Here are some great sample itineraries for a June vacation:

June Trip Ideas for Railroad, Guided Tours, and Cruises

With the planning done for you, you can sit back, relax, and take in the beauty of Alaska.


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