Tatshenshini River Points

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Tatshenshini River Points

Blan­chard Riv­er 20 miles above Dal­ton’s Post and it has access from the Haines High­way, which runs from Haines, Alas­ka to Haines Junc­tion, YT. This is a run of twen­ty miles and is rocky and full of large boul­ders and isn’t suit­ed for a heav­i­ly laden expe­di­tion raft. It is more of a day trip with a com­mer­cial out­fit­ter run­ning dai­ly trips so if you need to, make camp at Dal­ton’s Post and run emp­ty boats for fun down to the camp above Village…  ...more

Vehi­cles and equip­ment are avail­able in Haines to help with your plan­ning. But the actu­al start­ing point for the expe­di­tion is at Dal­ton’s Post, a col­lec­tion of ruined cab­ins in the Yukon, from the time of the late 1800 gold rush days, and when this was one of two routes to the Klondike gold fields from Alaska’s coast. The 4‑mile road down to Dal­ton Post turns off Haines Road (Hwy 3) to the west; look for this turn just north of the Haines…  ...more

Take out involves get­ting your boats to the Dry Bay Camp­ground, estab­lished by GBNP&P, and adja­cent to the fish plant where a long airstrip, that sees DC3s land and take off, is locat­ed. There is a park ser­vice cab­in and human waste dis­pos­al unit locat­ed there. To get to the strip it used to be easy but these days low­er water lev­els, increased grav­el deposits and iso­sta­t­ic rebound, (as much as a half an inch a year), has dried up the…  ...more

If you camp at Dal­ton Post close­ly watch for bears. It is a major salmon stream and the only salmon stream in the Yukon, so fish­er­men are com­mon. And the food and fish smells here have made a few brazen bears. Have loud noise­mak­ers to help run em off as well as your pep­per spray. Guns are not allowed! The winds are a big threat and you should always have things secure in the boats or they may blow away. Tents should be staked down securely.…  ...more