Blanchard River

Blanchard River 20 miles above Dalton's Post and it has access from the Haines Highway, which runs from Haines, Alaska to Haines Junction, YT. This is a run of twenty miles and is rocky and full of large boulders and isn't suited for a heavily laden expedition raft. It is more of a day trip with a commercial outfitter running daily trips so if you need to, make camp at Dalton's Post and run empty boats for fun down to the camp above Village Creek on the Tat. There should be a sign there that reads "welcome to the food chain! Bears are everywhere!” From Haines to the put in is a 2-hour drive with no stops. From Whitehorse to the put in is just over two hours. The border with Haines and Canada is not a 24-hour crossing and is open from 7 am till 12 am.

Getting There

Latitude: 60.02994601
Longitude: -136.8856623
Driving Directions