Other Advice for the Tatshenshini River

  • If you camp at Dalton Post closely watch for bears. It is a major salmon stream and the only salmon stream in the Yukon, so fishermen are common. And the food and fish smells here have made a few brazen bears. Have loud noisemakers to help run 'em off as well as your pepper spray. Guns are not allowed!
  • The winds are a big threat and you should always have things secure in the boats or they may blow away. Tents should be staked down securely. Tip: have some 6-inch log spikes to drive into the rocky gravel beds for your tents and dining fly.
  • It is common practice to tie all your boats together at night and tie them off to more than one anchor.
  • There is a detailed guidebook of this river available from Cloudburst Productions, called The Complete Guide to the Tatshenshini River.

Getting There

Latitude: 60.117609
Longitude: -137.037721
Driving Directions