Prince William Sound Fishing Spots

From Whittier to Valdez and Cordova, Prince William Sound hosts some of the most significant salmon runs in the state of Alaska. Home of the world famous Copper River, this region features all five salmon species, as well as a healthy marine fishery. Whittier is the closest port to Anchorage that offers offshore fishing for halibut, while Valdez hosts thousands of anglers and silvers during its annual fishing derby. This is also a popular region for Alaska residents to go shrimping.

Download area fishing regulations. And please respect sea lions and all marine wildlife while fishing, and don't feed them your fish waste.

Species: King Salmon, Silver Salmon, Red Salmon, Pink Salmon, Chum Salmon, Rainbow Trout, Dolly Varden, Arctic Grayling, Halibut, Various Bottomfish, Shrimp

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Fishing Spots

Difficulty: Easy

This trail has impres­sive views of the Chugach Moun­tains. Short spur trails offer access to five small lakes that are excel­lent for cut­throat fishing.

Flem­ming Spit Lagoon falls into the reg­u­la­tions of the Cor­do­va Ter­mi­nal Har­vest Area. This is a salmon fish­ing spot. See ADF&G for cur­rent reg­u­la­tions and limits.

Pop­u­lar fish­ing spot for Coho salmon.

You’ll find this area off of the Cop­per Riv­er High­way from Cor­do­va. There’s a boat ramp and the Ala­ganik Slough Tri­al that pro­vide access to the Ala­ganik Slough. This is a pop­u­lar salmon fish­ing area. 

There are ADF&G Mark­ers on Lowe Riv­er approx­i­mate­ley 300 ft down­stream from the con­flu­ence with the Robe Riv­er. This area is open year-round for all species oth­er than salmon. See cur­rent ADF&G regulations.

Salmon fish­ing spot is marked by ADF&G 300 ft down­stream of the weir. This is also a pop­u­lar wildlife view­ing spot. 

Salmon fish­ing area. See ADF&G for cur­rent lim­its and regulations. 

Salmon fish­ing spot. See cur­rent ADF&G reg­u­la­tions. Whit­ti­er Small Boat Har­bor closed to snagging.

Difficulty: Easy

This is an easy 2.4‑mile hike with excel­lent fish­ing for sock­eye, Dol­ly Var­den and cut­throat. You’ll find access to McKin­ley Trail and McKin­ley Lake pub­lic use cab­ins. It is a well-main­tained trail that has sev­er­al bridges for easy stream cross­ings and inter­pre­tive signs to explain the trail’s history.