Northern Alaska Tour Company Anaktuvuk Pass Village Tour

Warbelow's Air Ventures  (:30)

Fly above the Arctic Circle to a remote Alaskan village.

All Day Anaktuvuk Pass Adventure and Gates of the Arctic National Park

You’ll spend three hours, round-trip, in the air with a one-hour walking tour of the community, led by a local Alaskan guide. Learn of the local Nunamiut Eskimo culture and get a firsthand glimpse at village lifestyle as it exists today in rural Alaska.

Anaktuvuk Pass 7pm Adventure

Similar to the above, but a more condensed, evening version of the tour that departs at 7pm and returns to Fairbanks between 12:00pm – 12:30pm. You’ll fly north following the Dalton Highway and Trans Alaska Pipeline, over the Yukon River Valley, cross the Arctic Circle and over Gates of the Arctic National Park before landing in Anaktuvuk Pass. Your host will greet you and you’ll learn about the Nunamiut Eskimo Culture before joining the night flight back to Fairbanks.

About Northern Alaska Tour Company

Northern Alaska Tour Company offers a diverse selection of tours designed to get you into the Arctic. This Anaktuvuk Village Tour is for the bold traveler who wants to see the real deal, not the Hollywood version, of life in a remote village. An Alaska Native guide will greet you at the runway, then show you around. You’ll get a rare, unchoreographed look at life off the road system, where the land is the grocery store, running water can mean running to fetch it, and residents share their backyards with caribou, wolves, and bears. Or, you can tag along on an Alaska classic — a village mail run. You’ll get a kick out of passing over the Arctic Circle, and receive a certificate to prove you crossed the line. During whaling season, you can do what most people only read about in National Geographic—fly to Kaktovik on the coast of the Beaufort Sea to watch polar bears pick whalebones clean. From Late August – early April, you’ll also find a variety of opportunities to get under the northern lights.