Arctic Circle Aurora Fly & Drive Adventures

Arctic Circle Aurora Fly & Drive Adventures  (2:03)

Experience the famed northern lights in the rarefied air above the Arctic Circle—it’s an experience you’ll remember forever. Go with Northern Alaska Tour Company from late August to late April—when the skies are dark and auroral activity is common—and witness this amazing phenomenon.

Arctic Circle Aurora Tours

You’ll start off in Fairbanks, combining a flightseeing trip and a driving excursion that make this adventure amazing. From late August to mid-September, that adventure begins with a flight to Coldfoot, a remote town located in the Brooks Mountain Range that’s perfectly situated under the "auroral oval," where you’ll find the best displays of northern lights. On the flight, you’ll get an aerial view of the vast northern wilderness.

From Coldfoot you’ll drive south in the comfort of one of NATC’s tour vehicles and learn the story of Alaska’s arctic as you travel along the rugged Dalton Highway. You’ll view the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System and cross the Arctic Circle in ceremonious fashion. When the skies get dark, you’ll stop along the way to watch for northern lights. This tour is designed to take advantage of the evenings dark skies and give you the best northern lights viewing opportunities.

Homestead Aurora Experience

If you're not concerned with crossing over the Arctic Circle, this experience stays a little closer to Fairbanks. Travel 60 miles north to the town of Joy where you'll find dark skies perfect for spotting the aurora, a cabin to warm up inside as well as a toasty double barrel stove outside. Roundtrip transportation is provided by Northern Alaska Tour Company on one of their comfortable tour vans.

Northern Alaska Tour Company

Northern Alaska Tour Company offers a diverse selection of tours designed to get you under the northern lights, including some of the best guides in Fairbanks who are passionate about Alaska and excited to share their knowledge with you.

If you have one day to explore the north and see the northern lights, the Arctic Circle Aurora Drive Adventure is your best bet. You will travel north by day in a comfortable tour vehicle, learning about the history of the north from an experienced guide who knows how to make your day fun and informative. View the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System and ceremoniously cross the Arctic Circle with your companions. On your return trip, as the evening turns dark, you will scan the skies for northern lights and stop along the way to catch the best displays of the night.

Or try an overnight adventure. Using Coldfoot as a basecamp, you’ll do excursions out into the fascinating Arctic tundra and get a true sense of this eerie landscape.

Getting There

3820 University Ave South
Fairbanks, AK 99709

By Car: Located on the East Ramp of the Fairbanks International Airport. The terminal for Northern Alaska Tour Company can be found at 3820 University Avenue, just beyond the Flight Control Tower

Driving Directions

Prices & Dates

Season August 21 - April 21
Duration 14 - 15 hrs
Rates Aurora Fly Drive Adventure // $679 - $879
Rate Notes 4 person minimum

Arctic Circle Aurora Fly & Drive Adventures