Seldovia Summer Solstice Music Festival

Many people travel to Seldovia, across Kachemak Bay from Homer during summer solstice for music, games, food, workshops and fun during their three-day Summer Solstice Music Festival, a popular outing sponsored by the Seldovia Arts Council every year.

Headliners are always top-notch performers like this year's Broadway star Theresa Thompson and Alaskan Super Saturated Sugar Strings joined by numerous solo artists and performing groups from all over Alaska.

Most events are staged in the Susan B. English School auditorium. There's an open mic session for early arrivals Thursday evening and the main performances are Friday and Saturday. There are afternoon music workshops Friday and Saturday.

Homer Air and Smokey Bay Air fly from Homer to Seldovia. Sea travel options include the state ferry, Tustemena (the trusty Tusty) which carries many of the musicians who usually play on the trip over and back to Homer. Central Charters, Rainbow Tours, Mako's Water Taxi and Red Mountain Marine are other options for crossing the bay from Homer. Also private boats can tie up in the Seldovia Harbor or anchor. From there travelers are only a short way from the heart of town, the site of the performances and most sleeping establishments. The airport is about a half-mile easy walk from the middle of Main Street. Most lodgings that have been pre-booked will meet flights if requested in advance. Visitors are advised that cell phone service is limited, so it's best to pre-arrange sleeping and transportation.

The adult tickets for Friday and Saturday performances are $30.00each. The ticket for all of the Saturday workshops is $10.00. A better option is a pass for the whole festival, $49. For children the tickets are $10 each for Friday and Saturday performances, $5 for Saturday workshops or $20 for a pass for the whole festival. Tickets may be purchased at the gate or in advance ($39.00 for the entire festival if purchased in advance). Credit cards are accepted for advance tickets but only cash or checks at the gate.

Getting There

Latitude: 59.438311
Longitude: -151.7115
Driving Directions

Seldovia Summer Solstice Music Festival