Beyond the Pilgrim River Bridge, the road continues uphill and offers sweeping views of a network of lakes and the meandering river valley. North of the Pilgrim River drainage is a large hill topped with a series of granite rock outcroppings known as Hen and Chickens because of its resemblance to a small flock at certain angles. A cross was placed at the summit in memory of a priest who died in a blizzard on his way to the orphanage. Look for waterfowl species that typically frequent ponds and tundra meadows: tundra swan, Canada goose, red-necked grebe, and puddle ducks. Muskox some- times feed in the grassy meadows at the base of Hen and Chickens in summer and spend the winter on the summit. Moose frequent the river valley.

Getting There

Latitude: 65.13806
Longitude: -164.75104
Driving Directions